The 80 20 Experiment – Day Four – first things first!

Doing the top 20%-related tasks first thing makes a great deal of sense and by not following that routine, I had my first failure so far.

I did get my other videos up on YouTube and the additional sales page for one of my Las Vegas workshops done, but the new video remains unfinished. There were a couple of unexpected events today but also I failed to tackle the 20% stuff first.

One of the people who is participating reports that her walking routine is on track and she’s also finding that it’s important to do it in the morning, before the mind can come up with too many excuses (I’ve also found that to be true in terms of going to the gym).

Another participant has been doing his 30 minutes a day of watching WordPress tutorials online and says he’s just about ready to start applying what he’s learning.

Saul B. writes, “I’m going to give this a try myself. It’s shocking how easy it is in the course of a normal day to forget the important but not urgent tasks.” I can relate to that, and it has become kind of my motto that “The hardest part of doing anything is just remembering to do it.” So thanks for checking in, Saul, and keep me posted (his 20% relates to a new business he has started recently).

Another person who is playing along is focused on website activity and got his blogging, forums research, and signing up for ClickBank done yesterday. Well done!

If you’ve been reading along and now want to join in, just go back to the first post in this series and start there, and let me know how you get on.

For me, the 20% tasks for tomorrow are:

* Finish the video!
* Do a mailing to my  list in preparation for the Sept. resumption of my Breakthrough Strategy online mentoring program
* Review and add to a report on crowd funding that’s 80% ready to go.

If you’re doing this as these posts are finished, you may want to take Saturday off–I’m working on a Saturday in anticipation of having a week’s holiday in a couple of weeks.
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