The 80 20 Experiment – wrap up


Today winds up the one-week experiment in focusing on the 20% of my work that is most likely to provide the greatest value. I did achieve the three tasks I set yesterday:

* Another sample column on creativity

* Another submission package for my novel

* Finish the rest of the sales pages for my November Las Vegas writing workshops

However, I’m writing this at 3.30am, so I can’t pretend I did it on the schedule I’d planned…

The lessons I take away from this week:

I have more unfinished projects than I realized, so that’s definitely a pattern to address;

As the statistics suggest, everything takes about twice as along as you think it will;

Something always comes up that you didn’t anticipate and sometimes these happen in clusters;

This experiment is definitely worth staying with for longer.

I won’t write it up daily, but I’ll carry on and perhaps give you an update in 30 days, by which time there could be some tangible payoffs from addressing that 20% more consistently.

I had an email from Nick saying he was able to do further the progress on his blog and he also a plan he has for testing an affiliate marketing arrangement. My anonymous weight loss person reports she’s lost two pounds already–well done!  My WordPress-learning correspondent has finished watching the video tutorials, found a template he likes, and is installing it tomorrow. Congratulations, all!

If you have any feedback on your experiences, feel free to share them in the comments or email to me at

I hope this exercise has been useful for you–of course you can repeat it anytime!

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