Chapter 2: Audio interview with Yaro Starak

The chapter 2 website bonus is an audio interview with Yaro Starak, expert on the 80/20 principle. Click on the icon below to listen now or click on the link to download the MP3 version:

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MP3 Download version of Yaro Starak’s interview

Yaro’s website is www.entrepreneur’ If you’d like to find out more about the 80/20 principle, Chapter 2 of Focus: the Power of Targeted Thinking explains how to use it. If you want even more, Richard Koch has written several books about it.

ACTION TIP: Start with one area of your life–it could be your work, your relationships, your hobbies, or anything else. Determine what in that arena gives you the most value (however you define value, which could be money or enjoyment for example). Then do at least 30% more of it this week than you usually do. Notice the results. Then move on to the next area of your life and do the same, until eventually you’re spending most of your time only on those things that really give you the most value–your life will be much more rewarding!