Chapter 9: Video interview with communication expert and therapist Phillip Harland

The chapter 9 website bonus is a video interview with communication expert and therapist Phillip Harland about how to communicate more effectively with others and yourself using a technique called “clean language.” To watch, click on the play button, then allow a few seconds for the video to go to the beginning and start:

Philip Harland is a neurolinguistics psychotherapist and multi-award winning film-maker. He has written television drama, comedy, and documentary, a stage play, and couple of hundred short films. He is the author of many articles on NLP and psychotherapy for professional journals and has a book coming out shortly about his specialist discipline, “Clean Language and Therapeutic Metaphor.” You can find out more abut his work at or by writing to

ACTION TIP: You can also use the ‘clean language’ approach with yourself when you want to find out more about what’s really going on with your thoughts and feelings about something in your life. Especially useful is the “and what else is there about…” question. Keep asking yourself that until you run out of answers. Jotting down the answers is a good idea, so you can come back to this information later.